MAVProxy is a fully-functioning GCS for UAV's. The intent is for a minimalist, portable and extendable GCS for any UAV supporting the MAVLink protocol (such as the ArduPilotMega).

  • It is a command-line, console based app. There are plugins included in MAVProxy to provide a basic GUI. For a GUI that works on tablets, see the Mavelous project.
  • It is written in 100% Python.
  • It is open source.
  • It's portable; it should run on any POSIX OS with python, pyserial, and select() function calls, which means Linux, OS X, Windows, and others.
  • It supports loadable modules, and has modules to support console/s, moving maps, joysticks, antenna trackers, etc (see:
  • It's awesome.

MAVProxy now has it's own documentation site at