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Stable Build V2.2

Stable Builds are by definition more “Stable” than Daily Builds. They don't change as often and if a major bug is found, that bug fix will be carried over from the Daily Build to Stable.

Linux builds are tar files. Extract them to your own qgroundcontrol directory. You will also need the following dependencies installed: SDL 1.2, libqt5serialport5 as well as the Qt5 libs.. On Ubuntu the packages are: libsdl1.2debian, libqt5serialport5.

Daily Builds

If you want to live on the edge with the newest changes you can get, then a Daily Build is for you. The stability of these builds won't be as high as the Stable Builds but should still be usable.

The current list of changes of note between Stable V2.2 and the latest Daily build.

Windows Prerequisities

Bug Reporting

Please follow the guidelines listed here.

Further Steps

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