Stable Build v2.8

Stable Builds are by definition more “Stable” than Daily Builds. They don't change as often and if a major bug is found, that bug fix will be carried over from the Daily Build to Stable.


Installers can be found on GitHub Releases. Older release are there as well.

Daily Build of Current Master

These builds are from the latest version of master and have limited testing so use at your own risk. But if you need to use all the newest good stuff here they are:

Installation on Linux (Ubuntu) - set proper permissions

If you have trouble connecting pixhawk, try the following:

  1. sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyACM0 –> sets the proper permission
  2. sudo usermod -a -G dialout name –> replace name with your account and don't forget to logout/login. This adds your user to the dialout-group
  3. sudo apt-get remove modemmanager –> modemmanager tends to occupy a device only briefly, but it's initial tests make trouble for any firmware upgrade software that reboots the pixhawk

Windows Prerequisities

Bug Reporting

Please follow the guidelines listed here.

Further Steps

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